We are in-between lifegroup semesters. Our next life group semester will begin Sunday, January 27th, 2019. You will receive information about these lifegroups starting in the beginning of January. Thank you for your interest in lifegroups! 

Lifegroups are small groups of people that meet once a week at the church or in people’s home. This small group setting allows us to get to know people from the church as well as grow in the Lord in a more relaxed setting than a Sunday. When we join a church, God’s intention for us is to become part of the family!   Lifegroups were designed to respond to God’s desire for the church to become a family. As a church attender / member, our desire is for everyone to participate in a Lifegroup.

“And every day, in the Temple and from house to house, they continued to teach and preach this message: “Jesus is the Messiah.” – Acts 5:42

  Thank you to each Lifegroup Leader for your investment and thank you to each group member for participating!