Our 8 week Lifegroup Semester has begun!

There is much encouragement, strength, and support when the people of God get together! Let's be part of each other's story as we learn and grow together in a casual small group setting.

Reading through the book of Acts, Two words come to mind: "Biblical Community." Acts 2:42-47
gives us a picture of what Biblical Community looks like:  

verse 44 says, "All the believers were together and had everything in common."

Great encouragement, strength, support, wisdom, power, and influence comes as
we simply decide to walk this spiritual journey together.

Join us as we take another step forward in Biblical Community.

"Life is meant to be experienced together!"

- Jeannie Fisher

Get in a Group

Being a part of Life Groups takes your relationships beyond the Sunday morning service and allows you to grow in your faith and in friendships. Life Groups are held in a smaller group setting and begin the process of developing authentic community with one another.  Whether you're new to Life Chapel or have been with us for awhile,  we encourage you to plug into a Life Group and grow!